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A Professional Bioscience And Medical Editing And Writing Service

Many authors struggle to publish their manuscripts. In a number of cases this is not due to the quality of work but simply because the paper is poorly written and presented. Does this apply to you?

BioMedical Editing International can significantly enhance your publication potential. We provide a professional, reliable, quality service specializing in the biosciences and medicine. Click here for more information on our biomedical and science editing services. Our medical and science editors all have a PhD in the biosciences or a medical degree with extensive experience in publishing and editing manuscripts.

We can optimize the readability and clarity of your manuscript. We ensure your document is written in excellent English, is accurate to the last full stop, and conforms to Journal requirements. Due to the popularity of our standard service, we now only offer this option. All of our clients find that this service is extremely comprehensive and the standard of editing is very high. If you require anything specific, we are always happy to discuss your needs and tailor our editing to suit you.

Why are we different from other science editing services? We focus only on the biosciences and medicine. In this way we can ensure that our biomedical editors are familiar with your subject. These subjects are ‘languages’ in their own right and to edit them effectively an editor needs to be familiar with the ‘lingo’.

We strive to provide a prompt and efficient editing service for which we aim to achieve 100% quality and customer satisfaction. Each document is edited and re-edited until we are confident that it is perfect and that both you and your potential publisher will be happy with the finished product. See our customer testimonials.

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